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About Chuck Norris Jokes and This Site

Chuck Norris Jokes have been around since 2005. Today, there are thousands upon thousands of them.

The truth is, the large portion of Chuck Norris Jokes (also known as Chuck Norris Facts) are just reworded versions of others. But, they are almost all funny.

I didn't hear about Chuck Norris jokes until mid-2008 (yes, I know... I'm a little late to the show). However, when I heard my first joke (fact), I was instantly hooked. I decided to create this website to allow visitors to submit their own Chuck Norris jokes and rate each and every joke. Based on those ratings, I've created the Top 100 Chuck Norris Jokes.

The 2 most popular pages on the site are the Random Joke and Full List of jokes.

Please browse around the site and for Chuck's sake, rate the jokes. You don't need to sign up or anything. Just click on the star-rating and you're done instantly.

One more thing... I have actually met the man, Chuck Norris. I used to live in California and Chuck was dropping his child(ren) off at a summer camp where I worked. He was passing out some type of Chuck Norris trading cards (or something). I said, "Hi Chuck!" and he replied, "Hi." Okay, so it's not much of a conversation, but I didn't want to get too close as to avoid a roundhouse kick to the face.

Now go rate some Chuck Norris Jokes!